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The Story, so far...

Pokeworld was created out of Pure and utter Boredom. When it was created, at the time there was no other style of Real Games on . So this was simply something to pass the time as well as a challange for the fun of it. About 10+ years previous the Creator "Bioblaze Payne" created a similar Bot on IRC on a Private IRC Network, this was to be the resurrection of that bot from so Long ago.

Pokeworld was Started on the 25th of July 2017, it was completed on the 26th of July 2017. The system was a inspired recreation of the Classic Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Gameboy Games. Soon after it expanded from the Original "Kanto Region" and included all 7 Known Regions at the Time on August 16th, 2017. Late August, Early September "iDropBars & TheLaw_TV" joined to help on the System becoming Co-Owners & Co-Creators of the PokeWorld System. Soon after on September 6th of 2017 a Article was Published by , along with a slew of other Articles.

Life continues and idropbars, as well as the_lawtv departed the team due to time, and real life. So Joined Lexicon to help with Programming, and soon after Khoury to help with Project Management. The Story keeps going, and is too be continued.

The Developers

Bioblaze Payne is the Original Creator and Main Developer for Pokeworld. Maintaining updates, and Information Associated too the Bot. He also develop's the Admin Tools, the Website and Other things to keep Pokeworld Going. His Original Compiling of the Information for Pokeworld to include all 7 Regions and over 800+ Pokemon was over 4000+ Lines of code, including the Code for Pokeworld Itself. Currently he is working on the Beta Release of the Bot, and this Website! So stay tuned for more...

Hi ^.^ My name is Alexis. I’ve recently started going by Lexicon in terms of online presence but Lexi or Lex are totally acceptable nicknames. I’m mostly a programmer but I also have experience with 3D modeling, texturing, sound design, animation, music composition, digital art and graphic design (in a limited capacity). I’ve known Bioblaze for a very long time and we’ve worked together on several projects in the past. As far as PokeWorld is concerned, I’m an on and off developer for the bot – recent life events required me to take a break but things have settled down a bit recently so I can take a more active role.

Part thought hacker, part hiking enthusiast. Providing structure for development of the Pokeworld bot and helping build the community. Pokemon was a big part of my childhood as well as other games such as FFVII. An old time Achaea player and Gaia Online slot gambler, I love seeing how many people want this project to succeed. If you have any ideas on how to improve the bot or community, please feel free to reach out. Our trello board is the easiest place to see or request any new features. Happy hunting!

The Team

Aeryl is a Pokéworld discord administrator. Have been the bot since it's prototype stages, working on providing ideas, testing, and minor coding. Her main focus is facilitating the running of the server and manage the recruitment of the server's moderators.

My Name is Thinesh, or Deeebs. I go by either or, with one being my real name and the other a gamer tag i've used for a long while. I'm an avid and cheeky gamer, as well as a recent Graphic Design graduate. In terms on PokeWorld, i came across the game early on when looking for a Pokemon-related bot to add to my community's Pokemon GO Discord server. Having started playing it, i started to enjoy it more and more, and got wrapped into the community. When i started the game was still in early Alpha. I was an eager player, finding and reporting a lot of bugs, as well as aiding Bio in menial tasks as i enjoyed doing so. Eventually, i got promoted to Mod out of the blue. As time passed by, i got promoted to Staff, and now Admins. I help the PokeDevs in the background with generating ideas as well as other small tasks regarding the code of the game. Aside from that, i work on the recruitment of our Translator team, and assist our Mods/Staff when needed. I'm the visible half of the Admins, with Aeryl being the other lurking half.

I'm Thomas, although most just call me Owls. I'm currently in the last year of high school (in the UK though) and am 15, so I'm kind of busy with school lately but I can still be online from 5pm to 10pm (or later sometimes) on weekdays and from 11am to around 11pm on the weekends (sometimes I can come on earlier and of course sometimes I have plans for the weekend, although this is extremely rare). I would hope that I help out in PokéWorld, and to help PokéWorld I moderate. I check the channels and stop people from breaking the rules as best I can. I'll do pretty much anything else you want me to do as long as it's in my ability range . I really think PokéWorld is cool and want to help out as much as possible.

Hi, my name is Nathan(Nate) a.k.a Senthin. I started as a Moderator and did standard duties of making sure chat doesn't go out-of-control. While prepping for Beta, I lent my services to help build the Sinnoh region and have been a general soundboard for ideas that @Pokemon Association had for the game, as well as providing my own input, to help PokeWorld become the bot that Bio had originally envisioned when he took on this monumental task. I've recently switched roles to Staff, but my duties will be similar. I'll still be moderating chat to make sure you people don't get too crazy and be available from a more technical perspective on any areas @Pokemon Association deems necessary. I look forward to playing with you all in beta!

My name is Joel, most people call me Banette. I am a digital artist with skills in Photoshop and Blender 3D. My dream in life is to one day create a video game with characters that I created. As a member of the PokeWorld team, I help out by drawing badges for gyms and occasionally drawing art for seasonal events. I’m always happy to help out whenever I can.

Hello, my name is Von (A.K.A Thrump), and i'm one of the many moderators for PokeWorld. I'm 19 years old, from Ohio, and currently attend The Ohio State University in order to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. In my free time, i enjoy playing games as well as playing my violin and hanging with friends. How i help Pokeworld is by creating a safe community and to keep control of any chaos that tries ot disturb the peacefulness of the community.

Hello! I’m Mika and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Italy but I’m currently living in America. I’m a college student and I’m trying to get my masters degree. My Dream was to become an Animator but I didn’t have the skill for it but I’m still trying! When I’ve some free time I like to play games, talk to friends and cook! I try to help PokéWorld when the bot is up because I can’t code and help with the other stuff so I try answering question and telling people what they need for certain stuff! Most of the time I’m busy doing something so I don’t really get to talk a lot but I’d help with all I can!

Hey, my name is Sebastiaan a.k.a. ZeeAars(Zee). I started in PokeWorld just playing the game and talking to all great people around in their Discord. Got a bit involved in it all and after some time people made an application for me. Woke up to a "Tada" from Aeryl and been a Moderator since. While prepping for Beta, I made sure you all didn't go nuts, as well as help out with the Bot where needed. Since I joined, the Team has grown a bit and alot happened, this all has led to an amazing team with alot of hardworking people. As well as alot of fun just talking to everyone, coming up with ideas and discussing them, and above all else planning things waaay ahead ;p. As for who I am, since this is a Bio ofcourse, I'm a 19 year old gamer that recently started working fulltime in order to pay a school for IT to be able to finish it. In no peculiar order, I love to game/work/code/design/listen to music/help people/hang out/mess with peeps/abunch more and ofcourse, lurking from the shadows. I see you all so don't go too crazy when we enter Beta. I look forward to playing with you all!

Ay yo, it's Inferno. I was brought onto the modding staff in September, alongside chat moderation I assisted in providing ideas and feedback in early concept meetings for the beta, as well as mapping out the alola region (what a mess). Even though I'm mostly lurking now, know that I've always got my eyes on you as you battle and explore through this grand project The Pokemon Association has developed.

Past Team Members

Hello! My name is idropbars. I am The Development Manager for PokeWorld. I help the system by providing creative direction and general focus for the project. i help create milestones and help work out the bugs and errors, as well as performing general maintenance. I met bioblaze payne threw the law tv close to a year ago. Bio invited me to be part of this project Due to my buisness back round and other professions,and my love of pokemon since childhood. I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful new take on the pokemon universe!

The_LawTV i have known bio for about 5 years now, Bioblaze payne approuched me with pokeworld as a friend, for this project at first. And having such passions for pokemon as a kid i accepted with open arms. I very fast, found myself as the Creative Director of Pokeworld, Due to my artistic backround/profession. i over see all the artwork and help with writing the history for this wonderful PokeWorld! i hope everyone enjoys this Classic Game with an amazing new way to play!

MizukiThia is the lead artist of Pokeworld. She started as a digital artist two years ago, she is dedicated to her work and streams five days a week. She is up for almost any drawing challenge. She’s been part of the Pokeworld development since September 2017.

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