Donations are Accepted

By donating to Pokéworld you will be supporting the project. Donations are not part of the Premium packages so you will not receive any in-game benefits, but you will get a massive thank-you from myself and the team! You can also have your name shown on this page so you can proudly display that you have helped Pokéworld grow! You will also get a special Discord role (if you are on our server) which will show you as a Donor!. Thank you so much!!

Our Expenses are as Listed. You can help us reach our Monthly Goal by donating!

  • Hosting

    Hosting with Digital Ocean Takes Quite a Bit of Resources.


    So we can Run our Contests and Giveaways for the Livesteam & Community Events.

  • Wakkatime

    This is so people can see how much the Team is working on the Project, its 12usd per Programmer. And we have 1 Right now.

  • Github

    So we can stop using Gitlab, for our Private Repo. :X Allows for Better Intergration with Discord & Other Stuff.

Monthly Goal: $167usd
Goal Reached this Month: 0.00%
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